Crop Care 200 Gallon 3pt Sprayers

200 & 300 Gallon 3pt Ag Sprayers

CropCare® 200 & 300 gallon 3pt. mounted ag sprayers are manufactured with a heavy duty 4" square steel category II tube frame with options such as: electric or manual control valves, manual or hydraulic fold booms, foam markers and much more. 3-Point mounted sprayers offer superior maneuverability which minimizes crop damage, making them an excellent choice as either your primary sprayer, or as a secondary sprayer for post-emergence sprayer applications. They have an increased range of options compared to our smaller sprayers. Customizing options are available on request.

Standard Features

200 gallon 3pt sprayer with 35 foot manual fold boom
200 gallon tank, 35' manual X-fold boom, 6B manual control, 1700XL roller pump
  • Heavy duty powder coated steel frame & components
  • Dual jet agitation
  • Boom breakaway protection
  • Quick attach non-drip nozzle bodies
  • In-line filter system
  • Category II frame
  • Wet-tested and ready to spray
  • Continuing parts & service
  • 2 year Limited Warranty


200 gallon control options

Manual controls are economical, easy to operate, and are a great choice for those looking for affordability without sacrificing quality. Electric controls offer increased convenience, functionality, and accuracy at an affordable price. Click here for more information on sprayers for vegetable and fruit growers.


200 gallon 3pt sprayer pump options

A variety of different sizes and styles are available for 3pt. mounted sprayers. Contact a sales representative to find the right pump to match your specific needs.

  • Hypro® Roller Pumps
    • Capacity of 25 GPM and 100 PSI
  • Hypro® Belt Drive Centrifugal Pumps
    • Capacity of 76 GPM and 95 PSI
  • CropCare® Superdrive Pumps
    • Capacity of 120 GPM and 120 PSI
  • Ace® Hydraulic Drive Centrifugal Pumps
    • Capacity of 130 GPM at 120 PSI
  • Hypro® Diaphragm Pumps (D70 & D135)
    • D70 Diaphragm Pump: Capacity of 19 GPM and 290 PSI
    • D135 Diaphragm Pump: Capacity of 34 GPM and 290 PSI

Boom Options

300 gallon 3pt sprayer with 40 foot hydraulic boom
300 gallon tank, 45' hydraulic boom, 744A electric control, gear drive centrifugal pump, 5 gal. foam marker, fresh water safety tank.

Choosing the optimal boom configuration depends on the size of the spray area and the frequency of use. For more information on booms, click on one of the options below.

Spray Nozzle Options

air induction spray nozzle, extended range spray nozzle and turbo floodjet spray nozzle

The ideal spray nozzle choice is determined by application needs, weather conditions, and the chemicals being applied. Additional spray nozzles and nozzle sizes are available.

  • TeeJet® Air Induction Extended Range (AIXR) Flat Fan Nozzle
    • A perfect balance of drift control and coverage - precisely sized, large, air filled drops stay on target and cover the entire plant
    • Wide operating pressure range of 15-90 PSI (1-6 bar) gives you fewer driftable droplets at higher pressures than most other tips
  • TeeJet® Air Induction(AIC) Flat Fan Nozzles
    • Spray herbicides across the entire pressure range(30-100 PSI)
    • Large air-filled droplets provide excellent drift control
  • TeeJet® Turbo Floodjet Wide Angle Flat Fan Nozzle
    • Stainless steel construction with VisiFlo color code band
    • Good for applying pre-emergence herbicides or liquid fertilizers

Accessory Options

Matrix Pro 840
Matrix Pro 840 Guidance System
Matrix Pro 570GS
Matrix Pro 570GS Guidance System
5 gallon foam marker
5 Gal Foam Marker
2.5 gallon fresh water safety tank
2.5 Gal Fresh Water Safety Tank
triple nozzle body
Triple Nozzle Body
quick fill adapter
Quick Fill Adapter

Choosing the correct accessories adds versatility, accuracy, and ease of use to your sprayer.

  • TeeJet® GPS Guidance System
    • Increase Accuracy
    • Reduce operator fatigue
  • 5 Gal. CropCare® Foam Marker System
    • Standard unit designed for use on fields, meadows, lawns, and turf
    • Produces large foam dollops, which can save you money by reducing overlapping and skipped areas
  • 2.5 Gallon Fresh Water Safety Tank
    • A source of emergency fresh water to safely wash off harmful chemicals in the case of skin contact
    • Useful for rinsing and cleaning spray nozzles
    • Conveniently mounted in accessible location with quick turn valve
  • Boom Suspension System (Manual Fold Boom)
    • Helps boom to ride smoother even under rough field conditions
    • Increases application accuracy saving you time and money
    • Reduces stress on the boom and increases boom life
  • Right Boom Lap Nozzle
    • Adds an additional nozzle to boom for improved coverage on the outside pass around the field
    • Manual valve or electric shutoff valve when used with electric controls
  • GPS Speed Sensor
    • Utilizes a GPS receiver to measure ground speed
    • Eliminates problems frequently found with radar sensors on wet surfaces, moving crops, or with vehicle vibrations
  • Hydraulic Manual Splitter Valve
    • Allows operation of hydraulic fold booms on a tractor with a single hydraulic remote
    • Simply push or pull knob to select the left or right boom
  • TeeJet® Triple Nozzle Body Kit
    • Allows up to 3 nozzles for different applications or rates
    • Quickly change nozzles or flush the boom
    • Positive shutoff between each spray position
  • 2" Quick Fill Adaptor*
    • Decreases sprayer loading time
    • Allows operator to fill sprayer from a tank or another supply source using a transfer pump or gravity feeding
    • *Transfer pump is not included with quick fill adaptor option
  • Convenience Kit
    • 25 gallon rinse system to rinse the sprayer or components in the field
    • Chemical induction system safely dispenses dangerous spray material from ground level
    • 2" Quick Fill Adapter decreases sprayer loading time
    • NOTE: Only available with Superdrive pump and 30' or 40' boom